Describe the perfect Sunday. What is the best Sunday you’ve ever had? What is the best possible second half of a weekend you can ever imagine having? Who would you spend time with? Where would you be? What would you do?

Morrissey’s “Everyday Is Like Sunday” is in my head right now – and the radio station at Tim Horton’s is playing Mr Mister’s Broken Wings. I feel like a cliché.

I don’t really know what the perfect Sunday would be. I could say today, sitting at a relatively quiet Tim Horton’s with my best friend, working on our writing while an “easy listening” station plays on in the background (Summer Breeze, Seals & Croft is on the radio now). The only things wrong or missing are the fact that my girlfriend isn’t here – she lives in Florida – and there isn’t any wifi here so I’m limited to my Blackberry if I need to look anything up or whatever. Oh, and the fact that I’m starving and don’t have money for food (the best friend bought my coffee). This would have to be the second best Sunday.

More in-depth…

The best Sunday I’ve ever had is… I’m not quite sure. Perhaps, today is the best Sunday to date. It’s calm, quiet, I’m comfortably writing now on my balcony, with the best friend, and it’s just right outside.

The best possible second half of a weekend I can imagine is… Preferably it would be a no-drama day. I wouldn’t wake up to find drama had erupted based upon a Facebook status of mine or something. I would be able to check my e-mail without someone telling me about some gossip/drama that occurred. I also wouldn’t be sick. It would be a sunny day, cool but not too cold, and it would be spent with either my best friend or my girlfriend – or both. We would drive somewhere, just enjoying the day. Maybe there would be a nice barbeque dinner. The day would feel much like today in terms of temperature and weather – breezy, cool but sunny. I would have brought my camera for photos and everyone would be in good spirits, good health.

I would spend time with… My girlfriend or my best friend – or both if I had a choice in the matter. My girlfriend lives in Florida, though, so that might be a bit unrealistic but I would like to assume my perfect Sunday would be when she’s living here with me, or at least down for a visit. My best friend lives a few blocks away so it’s a lot easier to see her often.

I would be… content and happy. I wouldn’t be manic or depressed but in that ‘happy medium’ that I can sometimes find if everything around me is stress-free, though it is rare. I would be free of the drama that constantly plagues me, via my mother right down to the internet drama that seems to be a common occurrence.

I would be doing… Depending on the season, I would either take the two important people in my life to Niagara Falls to see the falls themselves and enjoy the atmosphere. No touristy things. I would have my Nikon at my side and we would end the day with family in Crystal Beach, having barbeque and watching the sun set off of the beach.

My perfect Sunday would also include people who aren’t whining about duplicate topics. If it bothers you so, go post a topic suggestion in the appropriate thread ;D