I’m going to write about a significant event of that year, or how I remember the year. Most I’ve since forgotten, so I’m going to start with 2004 and work my way up to this year – 2011. I was born in 1986 but 25 years is too much!

2004 – The year I was incredibly obsessed with the Matrix, and met my friends Kassie and Jazbeck, of whom I still talk to today. It was also the year my girlfriend cheated on me, we broke up, and she moved out.

2005 – The year my mother and her 70-year-old-boyfriend (not kidding) almost forced me to move with them to a house that was right behind a funeral parlour/crematorium downtown. It was also the year I met my best friend, Miu, on June 30th.

2006 – I was diagnosed as manic depressive (bipolar disorder II, rapid-cycling). I also smoked some laced weed and suffered a drug overdose that nearly killed me. It was the year I would swear off of pot and refuse to talk to the so-called friend who left me at the bottom of his apartment stairs.

2007 – I met an amazing girl named Rin, and spent an amazing few months with her until it all ended. I don’t remember how, though that might just be a good thing. I was obsessed with Brokeback Mountain that year, as well.

2008 – I was big into the BBC’s Robin Hood with Locksley.nu – my mother’s on-again, off-again boyfriend began falling into addiction to oxys. I also began exploring abandoned buildings with an underground group and met the girl that would become my girlfriend. My mother would also have her massive stroke near the end of that year.

2009 – I would lose the girl that was the Clark Kent to my Lex Luthor, my mother would proceed to get us evicted and I would re-unite with my Meems. A friend of mine would be murdered.

2010 – The relationship with the girl I was dating would officially end, and I would meet another girl unexpectedly. We would fall for each other and admit to our feelings that October. It would’ve been the best year of my life. Around then I would also go on a then-hidden drug bender with a close male friend – and sometime after he would leave town to stay sober, my mother’s eviction would go through and lead to myself and my mother having to move.

2011 – The relationship with my girlfriend would end unexpectedly. I also fostered a cat in this year, said goodbye to another friend through a tragic death and re-unite with the only man I ever let into my life as a companion.