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Regardless of whether or not you started the challenge at the beginning of the year, we’re stoked to see that you guys are blogging regularly, creating awesome content, and making new friends in the blogosphere.

Tell us, when did you start doing Post a Day/Week, and what have you enjoyed most about it so far?

I started doing Post A Day on August 22, 2011 (first post). I decided to make a WordPress blog for it rather than self-host because I’m too lazy to fiddle with databases, coding for a layout etc (and having a ‘free’ WP blog = cannot edit CSS or the layout much without paying so I’m not tempted to distract with constant layout tweaks). I’ve managed to get one other person involved and personally, I’m enjoying the prompts. Even if I’m bad at keeping up – though, I’ve gone through some personal things (death of a friend and a painful breakup) which led me to take a short leave of absence from most online accounts.

I’ve mostly enjoyed being able to write more than just when something good or bad happens in my life. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just sit back at Tim Horton’s and type up replies to all of the prompts I’ve saved offline. I upload them when I get home and then I can continue on with other things, and I won’t feel bogged down by ohmygodIdidntwritetoday.

I look forward to seeing where this blog goes around this time next year, as well as possibly making more blogging friends.