Topic #250: When you need quiet time, where do you go?


When I need quiet time I tend to pack my netbook up or a notebook and go to Tim Hortons. It sounds strange because there are so many people there but I find it comforting. It is the only public place where I feel most comfortable and the only restaurant which I can comfortably eat in. There can be people here that I might know and not like but here at Tim Hortons, it is my safe place, my sanctuary.

I’ve most often come here to escape being around my mother, especially on a Friday night when she’s in an alcohol-induced rage. Other times, I’m here with my netbook trying desperately to write. There’s no distraction of WIFI here, and something about the coffee shop atmosphere seems to aid in writing. It’s kind of how a fresh notebook and brand new pen can influence new ideas when you have writer’s block.

I reckon if I were close enough to a Starbucks or a Second Cup, or I had a car to get to one, I would go there quite as often just because it’s a lot warmer and relaxing than Tim Horton’s (which tends to be freezing all winter long). Also, I could use the WIFI as needed whereas at Tims, if I need the internet for anything I have to use my Blackberry, which is a bit of a hassle when I want to research something for whatever I’m currently writing.

I reckon this also could count towards my Daily Post for what my favourite restaurant is (topic #249). Hm..