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I’m going a bit out of the norm here… this isn’t a Daily Post topic, but one that has come up quite often in conversation with me. I’m highly opinionated so if opinionated posts bother you, don’t read :]

Seeing this post here made me think of how people are always so quick to look a gift horse in the mouth.

So here I’m going to do a comparison between the Blackberry devices, and the iPhone 4s (with mentions of the iTouch 4 that led to me choosing to get an iPhone). You won’t agree with me. These are strictly my own experiences. I welcome you to tell me that I am wrong/wasn’t using the device properly/etc, but let’s get this straight now: I’m able to troubleshoot a good majority of my computer issues. I’ve customized my own rig three times. I’ve Hackintoshed both my desktop and my netbook. I’m the one everyone comes to with virus, software, hardware problems or even iPod/iPhone/cellular phone/Blackberry issues. I’m the tech guru of my entire group of friends. So when there’s something that I cannot fix – it’s clearly the product at fault :]

For the longest time, the only cellphone with a built-in messenger was Blackberry. I was a Blackberry user since 2006/2007, back when I had a red Blackberry Pearl 8100.  Let me tell you… once the novelty wore off of it being a Crackberry, that fucking pearl pissed me off. I replaced it twice in the two years that I had the phone and after two years I also bought a new body for it so it would be an army green as opposed to the red I’d thought was so fucking cool (hey, my phone looked like Iron Man!). The big selling point to me was, of course Blackberry Messenger. I was all over this like flies to shit. I had a few other Blackberry users and get this – we could chat using just data transfer all we wanted. We could create groups that were like little chat rooms! It was fucking amazing. I loved it.

I stuck with them though for awhile – enough so that after my 3 year contract was up I went and upgraded to a Blackberry Curve 8520 – sleek design, amazing UI (at least the home screen), fast speed, crystal clear screen, TRACK PAD… Loved it!

However, many factors led me to quickly come to my decision to eventually abandon RIM. Shortly after I received my iTouch 4 as an early Christmas gift November 2010 – 7 months after getting my Curve 8520), I began using it in place of my phone. With the wifi router I bought, I could use Skype. I could email. I couldn’t send texts but that was okay since the majority of my friends I would text were in the US and I had a Blackberry server email account we could use, that I could access via my iTouch. I loved the apps I could use on my iTouch, the photography, videography etc and even more so – I loved how if there was even the slightest of issues it was addressed near immediately. The biggest Apple issues I’ve ever had (and I’ve been using products since the iPod Second Generation Nano (blue if yer curious) was the ~new thing) were battery issues. You know, they churn out an update and WHOOPS it devours your battery like a tape worm.

Another factor was the Big Rim Outage of 2011 (see here) – so you see, I was in Guelph, Ontario at the time visiting a girl (who later turned out to be rather frightening of a person) I had only just met a month prior via OKC (yeah yeah). I’m from Hamilton, Ontario – and let me tell you there is NO FUCKING GREYHOUND OR COACH CANADA BUS TO GUELPH FROM HAMILTON. The most efficient way if you don’t have a car is this: take a GO Bus from Hamilton to Toronto’s Union Station, then wait 2 hours for a Greyhound to take you to the tin-box of a bus station in Guelph. That’s four and a half hours depending on traffic just while on the road. Not counting the 2 hour wait for a Greyhound. So while I was there I had basically NO cellphone coverage. I couldn’t make a call. I couldn’t text. I couldn’t use my browser, GPS, BBM (Blackberry Messenger) – nadda! So what happened was I had no security if anything bad happened. My bus never showed and neither myself nor my friend could get a call in to anyone since WE BOTH USED BLACKBERRY AND THERE WAS NO SERVICE. No payphones nearby nothing. I was essentially stranded in a city I did not know without any connection to anything at all. I was lucky we managed to figure out a ride back to my city for me.

With Apple there is a 98% chance that would have never happened. I decided that I would try to get in touch with my provider and see if I could upgrade early. My 3 year contract expires in May of 2012, you see, and I found out I could get the iPhone 4s for a price I won’t say, but with a 50$ charge for breaking my contract. $50 is small compared to the $200+ it would have ordinarily been. So last night I swapped and I will not look back. I’ve already sold my Curve 8520 to a friend and that’s that. I won’t look at it again.
Onto Part II…