The last time I posted here at Lycanthrosexual, it was on February 4th, 2012, and I had posted about social networking and such. I had many plans for this blog but unfortunately my main source of topics (Daily Post @ WordPress) became defunct. I had no interest in their Photo Challenges and so until I can find a place that gives good topics daily/weekly, I will have to figure what else I want this blog to be. I’m thinking that this blog could be part of my ‘live blogging’ idea – where I blog from a set location about what is currently happening around me. Whether that is a festival or being at the beach (and posting from the WordPress app for iPhone), or using my laptop while I’m at Tim Horton’s or sitting at the Laundromat using their free WIFI (who knew they’d have some). The idea of live blogging sounds fun… the drawback is that I am rarely in a place where I could blog.

I really do want to keep up this blog but things relating to mental illness and my eating disorder (anorexia nervosa), are more likely to be posted over at Curtained, because I would rather keep those posts separate from anything posted here. This is my happier blog; the blog that lets people into the other facets of my personality that aren’t dominated by mental illness and calorie counting and PTSD, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder II, chronic insomnia.

So I’m going to do one of three things: Live Blogging, Daily/weekly topics (once I can find an adequate source of them). Friday Five (here and here). I will also be going through Freshly Pressed each day and if anything catches my fancy, I’ll write about it. Or, if you have any ideas for topics, feel free to let me know – I will open a contact form strictly for this (once I figure it out with a WP.com account – I’m used to self-hosted WP accounts!).

For now, if you have any suggestions – anything goes (within reason; no illegal talk) – leave me a comment and I’ll take note of it and stick the idea or prompt in my queue. If you would like to be ‘credited’ or get a link back for your suggestion, leave me your website/blog URL (even if it’s hosted on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Blogger, WordPress or self-hosted).