NOTE; I have categorized this under ‘anxiety disorders’ because it is my anxiety disorder which prompted me to even have a cellphone in the first place. Also, I wrote something on this same topic some months ago, and you may read that post here.

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Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

Me, holding up my white iPhone 4S

My phone (a white, 16gb iPhone 4S) and I have a mostly love/love relationship. There are days when I get the dreaded “xGB of ‘Other'” bug that a lot of iDevices (mostly iPhones and iTouches, rarely the iPads) get, but otherwise, we’re extremely good friends.

Now, some back history: I am on ODSP – Ontario Disability Support Program – for Medical Reasons* and one of the first things I bought with the first cheque you get was a cellphone. At the time I was using the same phone line as my mother and I hated always getting her calls and the fact that she would put the phone off of the hook while she was sleeping or passed out drunk (or sometimes knock it off of the hook while drunk) and I would miss important calls – not just calls from friends but about appointments. Other times she would turn the voice mail off and again, I would miss out on important appointments.

It also helped with my anxiety – having a cellphone meant that I could call a friend (or a cab, if I desperately needed to) and get a ride home to where I felt safe, near instantly. If something happened to me, I had a direct line to 9-1-1 and little things like that made me feel safe. In a way, my cellphone has become my security blanket. When I first started out with a phone it was a pay-as-you-go Nokia with the changeable faceplates (I had a blue, an orange and a red one), following that was some silver Telus phone we got as part of swapping from Bell to Rogers Communications for our home phone and my third cellphone was the one I got when I got my ODSP check: a red Blackberry Pearl 8100. My second cellphone I got when my 3 year contract was up, and it was a black Blackberry Curve 8520, and that lasted me two and a half years until RIM had their outage in October 2011 and I came home from a trip to Guelph, and promptly went to the Rogers store in Limeridge Mall and cut my 3 year contract short six months early, and got the 16g iPhone 4S (had I know I wouldn’t have had enough space with a 16gb iPhone, I would’ve gone for the 32gb, but now I know, and when I get the 5s I will be getting the 32gb model!).

Without my cellphone I really do feel anxious and like I have no contact to the people and things that help me through my anxiety. On top of that, my cellphone is a lot more convenient to carry around than my Nikon D40x plus all of my lenses, so it just seems natural I delved into the world of iPhoneography. Since using the iPod Touch in the fall of 2010, I began to get into iPhoneography around the time came to be and on my former account (which I left as people were using my photos as ‘thinspo’ or ‘thinspiration’ and even though I was locking down my account, I had so many friend requests daily from these types that I decided to make a new account and for now, I can fly under the radar) I had 3406 photos. On my new account I have just surpassed 100 photos and on two of my Flickr accounts (had one for my point and shoot digital camera, another for my Nikon D40x so I didn’t have to go from semi-good-quality photos to DSLR quality photos) I had over 6800.

For awhile I also used my iPhone 4S as a text editor for my novels but after acquiring an iPad 2 and a bluetooth folio case, my cellphone is now a social media hub -slash- camera, and I am content with that. It goes everywhere with me and at the moment, I only have two cases for it: one heavy-duty case I use when I’m taking my phone somewhere I cannot afford to drop it, and the other is a black plastic case which looks like an old camera (ignore the shitty photos I’ve taken in this entry – I’m at a café and using the front camera on my iPad 2).


So… what is your relationship with yer cellphone? Tell me in the comments! (remember, comments are moderated and will be posted once I approve them to cut down on abuse and spam, so if yer comment does not show ASAP, that is why)


*Said medical reasons were, at first, rapid-cycling bipolar disorder II, social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder (with episodes of paranoia), agoraphobia – and all of them were considered ‘crippling’ and did (and still do) interfere with my daily living and capabilities of taking care of myself. There are days I am too afraid to leave my own home, or afraid my mother has poisoned my food out of spite during one of her drinking binges. I have been paranoid of my best friend wanting to kill me in my sleep [when I lived with her] and I am considered by three psychiatrists to be ‘treatment stubborn’ or ‘treatment resistant’ – where the patient WANTS treatment but is physically non-responsive to any sort of treatment. As such, it is a liability to have me working, and I would not be able to keep a steady job anyway; so this is the best way to ensure I have a roof over my head and food to eat.