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Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

Maaan. I am going to step on so many feelings but while there are so many amazing people in my life, I really do have to stay that if I had to pick ONE PERSON – and I feel like a jerk having to do so – but since this person has been in my life almost an entire decade, is my best friend Miu.

We met in 2005. I remember messaging her sometime between January and June because I was using the site LiveJournal to blog (and had been since it first was in invite/beta stage) and did a search for The Outsiders (novel/book) as well as sorting the results by people who were local. Miu turned up as being in my city and so I sent her a comment on one of her entries and IIRC, it was really awkwardly written and we had a bit of awkward convo back and forth through those comments, and eventually, we decided to meet.

For our entire lives, we had lived just down the street from each other and while we went to entirely different schools, our paths never crossed. The day we met, I took a bus up the street to a Tim Horton’s by her place and one of us had made a sign that said “Stay Gold” (a reference to The Outsiders). I know I was in a wife beater, carpenter’s jeans and possibly my Converses, I’m not sure. I might’ve had a madras shirt on, trying to do a mock-up between Greaser and Soc (the two social classes or ‘gangs’ in the novel). Anyway, we met up, had coffee and then we went back to her place to hang out for awhile.

Following that, I went home and we RP’d online for over 36 hours straight. That was truly epic.

Eventually it led to talking online all of the time, meeting up for coffee nearly every day at ridiculous hours and then one year of being friends led to five and more. We’ve had our fights and stupid as they were, we both grew from them and our friendship is at it’s strongest now than it ever has been.

Now, back to the prompt… A day without my Miu would be boring indeed. I usually find myself restless because there is no one to RP with and her and I constantly RP while multitasking with other things such as reading, writing, sewing (her) or video gaming. There are times where we solely RP together and times where her and I play Skyrim at the same time or play World of Warcraft together. I never realise what a big part of my life Miu is up until my sleep schedule is against hers and I’m awake while she’s asleep and it’s like WHAT DO I DO WITH MYSELF OMG. Having to go for coffee without her is boring as hell, let me tell you. There’s no one to laugh at my stupid jokes and to be catty about people watching with me. NO ONE TO PLAY CRAZY 8’S WITH. Unless I’m writing at Tim’s, it’s a boring coffee outing indeed.

That being said, when Miu was in the hospital last August, I actually had nearly three weeks where I had to totally rework how I spend my time and decided it was healthy for me to figure a way to spend my time without Miu in case she was in the hospital long-term and because part of my BPD (borderline personality disorder) is my inability to do anything on my own. I’m constantly in need of mental stimulation and I constantly need, I guess, attention, for lack of a better word. Just writing with Miu or playing pool on Y!IM is enough ‘attention’ but sometimes I crave more social stimulation than World of Warcraft can give and I don’t have many friends in town, so I either go out for coffee with her or have to find a way to make my own fun.

I totally derailed this topic but let me say, in closing, a day without my better half as I call her… WOULD BE BORING AS HELL, ERMEHGERD!