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ACCORDING TO SOCIETY, I AM A BITCH. The things that apparently make one have this assumption of me are:

-I am verbally aggressive

  • I have a tendency to say what everyone else is thinking but are too afraid to say themselves
  • I am blunt
  • I am [sometimes brutally] honest
  • I do not tolerate bullshit of any kind  – and will be the first to call someone out on their bullshit

^ These are all personality traits I have developed as a result of my upbringing and the world around me; used as means for survival and now, I see no reason to change them. If society thinks I should change these traits (which they deem flaws) then society can go fuck itself.

– I do not tolerate those who are complaining for the sake of getting sympathy (aka, those who complain and refuse to even try and remedy their situation). My entire family is comprised of those ‘woe is me’ types who victimize at any given chance


-I stand up for myself and others in the face of verbal and physical abuse. I was abused by my mother and simultaneously abused by my peers from the age of five and going upwards into my adult years. As a result, I carry a ‘take no shit’ attitude that has become my armor.


-I am antisocial or I act like I am too good for other people, when in reality, I have social anxiety and agoraphobia, both of which cause me to become far too anxious to function, let alone interact with other people or have any idea what to even say in a social situation.


-I identify as homoromantic asexual, which means I am non-sexual, do not have nor want any type of sexual interactions at all. I was born lacking a libido, and from puberty onward I have never once had a sex drive nor any sexual desire. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME FRIGID, “PRESSED” OR ANY OF THE OTHER NEGATIVE WORDS MEN LIKE TO CALL ‘WOMEN LIKE ME’. I did not choose to be asexual (choosing so, would mean one is celibate), it is how I am wired. Just like how some men and woman are hypersexual; they did not wake up one day and decide to be that way, it is just how they are.

For the record, I have an intellectual/mental attraction to other people. If you are curious as to how asexual relationships work, read more here: http://www.asexuality.org/home/general.html and here: http://www.asexuality.org/home/relationship.html before stating ignorant opinions/asking questions.

^ Homoromantic means I have the tendency to fall for both genders; however I tend to fall for and feel more comfortable around women more than men. This has nothing to do with abuse or my sexual assault or the lack of a father figure in my life, I just find that intellectually, women are more what I am looking for and very rarely, men have the qualities I look for. Sometimes, in mixed company (or around people who are ignorant and tend to argue with me about what asexuality means), I state I am gay and do not have sex and leave it at that.


-I do not feel the need to be in a relationship, nor do I feel like marriage is necessary to define the love between two people, which many people argue with me. I feel that marriage and engagement in most cases, brings about an assumption of what should happen once a relationship suddenly progresses into engagement or marriage and that is one of the ways good relationships are ruined. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is my philosophy here; also, I do not feel that a piece of paper should define whether a relationship is legit or not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy to have lived through the legalization of gay marriage – I just do not feel like marriage is for me at this present time.



I am sure there are other things but right now I am forgetting them, so I may add to this in the future, or I may just do a Bitch Redux post. Comments are, as usual, moderated and all flames will be forwarded to the fire department to be extinguished.