Ever tried filling out these ‘about’ pages? It’s difficult. What does the reader want to know? I suppose that depends on how nosy they are, harhar.

I’m a twenty-five year old lycanthrosexual living in Ontario, Canada. I’ve bipolar disorder II, not that it will be a topic often, and social anxiety. I’m gay, I’ve a girlfriend I’ve been with for two and a half years. I was a Crackberry addict but now I’m an iPhone 4s addict. I dig photography, Joy Division, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Russell Brand, Robert Downey Jr, Helena Bonham Carter and computer gaming (Warcrack, especially).

My OTP is Remus/Sirius… with Noelian being a close second. I would be lost without blogging and social networking, I won’t lie. I’m big into DSLR photography and iphoneography, though I’ve been slacking on it lately due to lack of inspiration.

I live off of diet Pepsi, diet Coke, Coke zero, French Vanilla Cappuccinos from Tim Horton’s and seroquel with klonopin on the side.

I’ve more free time than I like to admit and I’m also bad at finishing what I’ve started. If I suddenly abandon this blog, that’s why :p